Principal's Foreword



I Mr. Bharat Kapoor hereby extend my warm welcome to you and your family. I am very proud to be the Principal of this wonderful school. It is a privilege for me to work with our students, our staff members and families of our students to make our school the best. Education is a lifelong learning process. Learning happens all the time not only in pre- designated place called the School but it happens in home and between home and school as well. Therefore the home’s and the school’s mission is to provide a learning environment and opportunities to the children as the learners. Under my leadership and as a team working together we strongly promote academic achievement among our students. The success of the students and the staff related to cultural activities, sports or be it any other activity is proudly celebrated. Trinity means a group of three and we are a group of three i.e. students, teachers and parents. We should have a strong bonding and understanding with each other which is necessary for the overall development of every child. Everyone's involvement and engagement in the school is important to me as a Principal. With a long and rewarding history of achievement in education and co-curricular activities, our school continues to move forward together with confidence, pride and enthusiasm.

Bharat Kapoor
Trinity School